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Idea of materials to produce of foundation chocks have been worked out to the needs of shipbuilding and the first wide practical application of such chocks were noted just there. At present they have been utilized in wide range in foundation of engines and gears of main propulsion, in assembly of stern tube, sleeves of rudders and other various auxiliaries in engine rooms, deck facilities, bearings of pillar cranes, and so on. Thanks to many their qualities, they have been also used more often not only in shipbuilding industry, but in foundation of many various and heavy engines and machinery to use on land as well.

During 40 years (since 1974 until the end 2013) of practical application of Polish chocks cast in EPY, there have been seated 11221 various objects including 9896 marine engines and machinery and 1325 land engines and machinery as well. Such operations were performed by the Szczecin Polytechnic University and such companies like KITI and Marine Service Jaroszewicz.

Marine engines and machinery Number
Main engines 2215
Main gears 794
Shaft bearings 931
Steering engines 315
Stern tubes 886
Sleeves of rudders line 751
Winches (windlass, anch.) 1117
Generating sets 192
Pumps 684
Tanks 98
Other marine machinery 1913
Total 9896
Industrial engines and machinery Number
Engines 24
Gears 54
Machine tools 47
Bearings 353
Compressors 54
Rails 84
Presses 86
Turbines 37
Ventilators 55
Hoisting machines 5
Other land machinery 526
Total 1325
References - Marine Service Jaroszewicz

 Kliknij aby zobaczy szczegy B 588; Deck tanks, Stocznia Szczecińska Nowa Sp. z o.o., 2005
 Kliknij aby zobaczy szczegy M/f Stena Germanica; 4 x ME Zgoda-Sulzer 16ZV40/48, Stocznia Gdynia S.A., 1986
 Kliknij aby zobaczy szczegy Sea Lunch; bunker tanks, Vyborg Shipyard, Russia, 1998
 Kliknij aby zobaczy szczegy M/v Fantasy; moorning winch, Helsinki, 1988
 Kliknij aby zobaczy szczegy M/s Kapitan Ledóchowski; Generator, Stocznia Szczecińska im. A.Warskiego, 1974
 Kliknij aby zobaczy szczegy M/f Karsibór I; Main engine, Stocznia Szczecińska im. A. Warskiego, 1976
 Kliknij aby zobaczy szczegy B 567; Deck cranes, Stocznia Szczecińska im. A. Warskiego, 1992
 Kliknij aby zobaczy szczegy Compressor GMVH-12, Odolanów, 1993
 Kliknij aby zobaczy szczegy Railway bridge, Wolin, 1994
 Kliknij aby zobaczy szczegy Siekierkowski bridge, Warsaw, 2001
 Kliknij aby zobaczy szczegy SRs-1200 Excavator, KWB Konin, 1994
 Kliknij aby zobaczy szczegy 
 Kliknij aby zobaczy szczegy LNG/LPG tanks installation on the Epocast 36-P

Morska Stocznia Remontowa w Świnoujściu S.A.
Stocznia Szczecińska Nowa Sp. z o.o.
Gdanska Stocznia Remontowa im. J. Piłsudskiego S.A.
Szczecinska Stocznia Remontowa "Gryfia" S.A.
Stocznia Remontowa "Nauta" S.A.
Western Shiprepair Yard, Klaipeda, Lithuania
Tosmare Shipyard, Liepaja, Latvia
Ciserv BLRT Baltica, Tallinn, Estonia
Vyborg Shipyard JSC, Vyborg, Russia
Damen Shipyard Okean, Mykolaiv, Ukraine