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Marine Service Jaroszewicz offers services in foundation of engines and machinery on foundation chocks cast in compounds:

EPY         Chockfast       Epocast

as well delivery of a/m compounds, technology of us and auxiuliary materials.

We are in possesion of all certificates which to be required in foundation of marine engines and machinery. We are the holder of the Technical Approvals of the Research Institute of Roads and Bridges and Institute of Construction Engineering wchich meet requirements of foundation the land objects as well. Moreover we have obtained the Permission of the Polish Mining House which allows us to seat machinery in plants of mining industry

Scope of our services:

  • - design of foundation of engines and machinery,

  • - approval of documentation in classification societies,

  • - delivery of EPY, Chockfast and Epocast materials, auxiuliary materials, and technology,

  • - casting and cure of chocks and in this for fitted bolts in compounds,

  • - bracing of bolts in concrete foundations,

Utylization of our offer allows:

  • - to eliminate machining of foundation and bed plate,

  • - to avoid of manual matching of chocks,

  • - to decrease of vibrations and noise level,

  • - to set-up machinery in stable and durable way,

  • - to put machinery into operating in short time,